Join GSA

GSA invites graduate and professional students to join GSA. Members of GSA are showing their support for an important student organization that promotes research, professional development, and community for the graduate students at Wright State University. Members can participate by attending business meetings, research forums and social events, or joining committees and participating in other GSA-sponsored activities.

FAQ: How can I become a member?

1. If you are a WSU student and want to join a student organization, Student Activities requires you to register with OrgSync — click here to register on OrgSync. If you already have an account at OrgSync, follow this link to join GSA

2. Membership is free for all students.

Full member:

Voting rights in GSA are conferred with full membership. Full members can be Wright State graduate or professional students who join GSA on OrgSync.

We welcome you as a member and thank you for supporting the efforts of GSA!