Dear Raiders,

Apply to GSA E-Board. Available positions are,

  • Associate Vice President for Internal Affairs
  • Associate Vice President for Communication and External Affairs
  • Associate Vice President for International Affairs  
  • Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Culture
  • Chief Justice
  • Associate Vice President for Campus Affairs

All positions are 4 hours weekly commitment. Click the form below to apply.

Form A-E01 GSA

General Requirements,

  1. Be a Graduate student enrolled full time at Wright State University main campus
  2. Be in good academic and judicial standing
  3. Be able to commit 4 hours of weekly time
  4. Attend one GSA monthly meeting
  5. Be a member of GSA in

Associate VP of Internal affairs

  • Coordinate and Communicate between GSA officers
  • Coordinate the monthly meeting
  • Collect and maintain weekly officer reports
  • Maintain member list, voters list, Alumni and ex-officio member list

Associate VP of Communication and External Affairs

  • Maintain the GSA Website and all Social media
  • Create promotional materials for events, Surveys etc (Marketing)
  • Coordinate and Communicate with GSA Alumni, third party vendors

Associate VP for International Affairs

  • Work with international student support offices like UCIE
  • Work in Close with Director of International Affairs – Student Government
  • Create and promote international programs

Associate VP for Student Affairs and Campus Culture

  • Work with student organizations
  • Attend HOR meetings, work with Office of Student Activities
  • Work in close with Student Government – Student Affairs committee
  • Student – Faculty – Staff relationship

Associate VP for Campus Affairs

  • Work in close with all coordinating type student organizations
  • Work in close with DSAB/DSAC bodies of every college
  • Spokesperson for GSA at various campus events, forums

Chief Justice

  • Constitution and By-laws /Parliamentarian
  • Chief election officer
  • Serve on Student Government Election commission
  • Handle Inter and Intra departmental organizational dispute



President –  GSA


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