Grad school 101: The whys and the why nots

Grad school. MBA, PhD, MS, MFA, M.Eng. , JD, Ed.D. Take your pick; these letters (and all the others I haven’t listed) are the result of hard work and perseverance and hopefully result in a great job that pays decently. I frequently have people ask me if grad school is worth it and I think this is an extremely important dialogue to have. Important because I don’t think graduate school is for everyone (hey, I don’t think college is for everyone) and it makes a ton of sense to ask the question. Especially considering the process of grad school may take years. And {{{groan}}} years. The decision, and commitment, requires careful consideration — Is the experience of graduate school, and the knowledge you will gain, in line with the goals of your life?

I recently came across a blog post talking about the pros and cons of going to grad school and I think it’s worth a read. Most of us at one time had this conversation with ourselves — we asked others for their opinion, scoured the internet for information, and wrote down little check lists of whys and why nots. But I found that the idea of going to grad school and the reality of it were very different things. So revisiting the “to go or not to go” debate at this stage of the game was an interesting exercise.

The blog post, by Tiffany Monhollon, has three parts: 1) The grad school debate, 2) Myths about grad school, and 3) Timing and the value of experience. I can’t speak to the veracity of the information; blog posts are, by nature, subjective. But take away what speaks to you. Feel free to leave a comment and continue the dialogue.

Grad school debate

6 grad school myths

Value of experience

Yours truly,

Lisa J., VP

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